January 8th, 2002

Globe Wireless® board elects Frank Coles as President and Chief Operating Officer

Today, Globe Wireless, the leading provider of communications solutions to the maritime industry, announced that its Board of Directors has elected Mr. Frank Coles as its President and Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Coles is a Master Mariner and holds a Master's Degree in Maritime Law. As a qualified English solicitor, Mr. Coles practiced shipping law in London with Richards Butler and in Hong Kong with Stephenson Harwood & Lo. He moved on to become General Manager of Pacific Basin Bulk Shipping in Hong Kong, and spent two years as Chief Executive Officer of Rydex Industries Corporation, a company focusing on marine communications. Before joining Globe Wireless, Mr. Coles was with Litton Marine Systems, serving as their Vice President, Business Development and Information Technology.

Mr. Coles has been the Managing Director of Globe Wireless for the last two years. During that time, Globe Wireless has undergone unprecedented growth, and now provides services to a customer base of over 3,300 ships. During his tenure, Globe Wireless has introduced its award winning Globe Communications Center, expanded its Maritime Data Network to over 20 nodes, and has opened additional offices in Asia, Europe and the United States.

"Frank has been a key factor in the growth we have experienced at Globe over the last two years," stated Ken Jones, Chairman of Globe Wireless. "His in-depth understanding of the customer's we serve, coupled with his tireless efforts have contributed greatly to Globe's success."

Globe Wireless is 100% dedicated to the maritime industry. The company offers complete communications solutions by combining service and technology to simplify maritime communications. Advanced satellite and digital radio technology is used to transmit messages and data files to and from vessels anywhere in the world. Globe Wireless currently offers worldwide sales, 24-hour customer support, and global installation and repair services. Products include the Globe Communications Center(TM), the GlobeEmail® electronic messaging system for sending and receiving all types of written communications, GlobeTransfer(TM) for automatically moving data files to and from shore, special accounts for Crew messaging, GlobeNews and the GlobeOffshore® workboat management system.

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